Thursday, May 12, 2016

Top 3 places to visit overseas

I want to tell you places to visit and what to bring with you(some of these places I've visited before). The first place to visit is Australia, they have outstanding views and really good food. If you like mountain scenery, then the blue mountain range is the place for you. Their national park has four main things, the first one is the railway, this railway is not any ordinary railway in fact it is the steepest railway in the road.  There are  three ways you can have your seat,  leaning forward, normal and leaning back. There is also the skyway that is for scenery, it is a gondola with a see through floor. There is also the cableway where you learn what happened before we were alive and if there are still dinosaurs are still alive. There is one last thing called the walkway where you walk through a jurassic jungle.                                                                                                                                                                  If you like the coral reef then the best spot to see it is to go to Cairns then take a cruise to green island. At green island you will be swimming there in the ocean for a limited time, then you would go to the outer reef. The outer reef is where you would have lunch like chicken curry and other seafood. Then you have a choice of either going up to the top floor to tan and enjoy the view, or go swimming in a closed area that only fish and coral are in( be careful the water is freezing so better wear a shirt). You may get a chance to see some sharks that swim outside the enclosed area. Then when it is time to go you go on the cruise ship and return to cairns.
Then you can go to brisbane and taste their really good seafood if you like seafood. or you can go to their zoo. They have different sections with different animals from each continent, and they have a reptile section and bird section. You can also feed the animals for free if you want to, Or you can go watch koalas wake up with is very rare. Then you can go take a train ride around the whole zoo. I hope you will plan on going to Australia some time and I hope you enjoy it. Here is where I got my information-

Thursday, April 14, 2016

The snowy mountains

The snow alps by Miaknelson

                                      The Snowy Alps

                                    Oh, the mountains so snow and majestic
                                   Always bringing happiness to the winter
                                   When there is a big snowstorm you give a big shove and cause a avalanche.
                            When the summer comes we say goodbye and wish you luck on getting snowy again.



Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The March on Wharshington

In 1963 segregation really  became a major problem, especially with the black people and jobs. When The March on Washington happened it told everybody that when blacks were free jobs would be more successful. It was a message to the lawmakers that the civil rights  movement had to be signed because it would make blacks have the same rights as white and the same jobs.                                                                                                                                                            Even our Declaration of Independence said that everyone should be treated with the same    respect.Before the Declaration of Independence was written everybody wanted America to    be a country where everybody had the same rights. The March on Washington was just like the Declaration of Independence written all over again, and it told the entire world that the blacks wanted to be treated more fairly than they were at that time, and it changed the history of America.                                           Here are some websites I found my information-